What is this website about?

It's intended as a resource mainly for the Welsh speaking community in London, including learners of the language, mainly about activities in London with a Welsh connection.

It is not a commercial enterprise - I run it in spare time with quite a bit of help from a number of good friends, to whom I am very grateful. Listings are always free of charge and no favours or inducements are sought or accepted.

If there is an event, organisation, or resource you would like to see listed, please feel welcome to e-mail me at the address below.

Is there a version in English?

This website is a token of thanks to the Welsh speaking community for the kind, patient, and generous help I have experienced in learning Welsh. And it is an insignificant gesture of support for the language itself. Honi soit qui mal y pense, as someone said.

There isn't an English version (as far as I'm aware) simply because no one does one. If you'd like to set up and maintain an English version, then please feel free to do so!

Meanwhile, if you are not of sensitive disposition, you may find the Gwl@d website (http://www.gwladrugby.com) a useful source of information about activities in London (and around the globe, for that matter), in particular the Chat pages. If you live or work in London you might - or might not - also find the newsgroups uk.local.london and uk.local.london.info of interest. If you would prefer to get out a bit, the links on this page of this website could give you some ideas.

If there is anything specific on this site you find difficult to understand, please let me know and I will try to help.

How many people in London can speak Welsh?

About 20,000

How can I learn Welsh?

There are plenty of evening classes for adults in London, but beginners' classes fill up quickly in the Autumn.
Here are some possibilities:
The City Lit, 16 Stukely St. WC2 020 7831 7831
The London Welsh Centre 157 Grays Inn Road WC1 020 7837 3722
Peter Humphreys (Lewisham): 020 8488 2101
Richmond Adult Community College 020 8891 6285
Wandsworth College (Adults): 020 8918 7555
See also the publication "Floodlight".

There is a list (in Welsh) of the evening classes in London of which I am aware, elswhere on this site - here - listed by weekday starting with Monday evening (Nos Lun). The key word Dechreuwyr identifies beginners' classes.

An intensive one-day Saturday course is generally held at the London Welsh Centre during the Autumn, Spring, and Summer Terms - the latest information is here (including a booking form when booking is open).

Taster classes are held during the Celtic Day (usually) organised by the City Lit during the Summer Term (see above).

There are quite a few resources on the Internet, some of which are listed under "Dysgu'r Gymraeg" on this website. This includes both direct resources for learning and details of distance learning and other courses.

If you need to learn quickly, there are excellent residential courses in Wales; and during term-time and the Easter holiday period there are one-day and week-end courses at many centres in Wales.

See the ELWA website for more information and contact information, and their annual leaflet on Summer and Residential courses (covering mainly the period after Easter to the beginning of the Autumn term) http://www.elwa.org.uk/elwaweb/elwa.aspx?pageid=1449

Some of the courses during the summer of 2000 are listed here - Cyrsiau'r Gymraeg Haf a Phreswyl 2000 (although this is now historic, it gives an idea of what is generally available each summer, and gives contact details for the centres concerned). You may find a link to a more recent leaflet in PDF form on the above ELWA page.

Arranging a private tutor in London is generally possible through the usual commercial educational agencies or through the London Welsh "network". (contact me through the e-mail address below if you wish).

If you are a parent you may be interested to find out about the London Welsh School and a S. London Welsh-medium playgroup

Help! There's a word I don't understand!

You might find this lexicon - part of Mark Nodine's on-line course - useful.
http://www.cs.cf.ac.uk/fun/welsh/LexiconForms.html (*wedi newid* - new address)

If you want a small dictionary, the Collins-Spurrell is cheap, widely available, and despite its shortcomings, covers a wide vocabulary.

The Oxford Pocket Modern Welsh (Ed. Gareth King) is much more of an aid to learners, covers a more up-to-date (but significantly less comprehensive) vocabulary, and might just about fit into the pocket of a duffle-coat.

Numerous other dictionaries have been published lately,and more facts and opinions about dictionaries and other resources can be found on Harry Campbell's Gwybodiadur website - (http://www.gwybodiadur.co.uk)

Email contact: dyddiadur.60.nospam@anoeth.demon.co.uk

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