AN END TO ALL POSSESSING

          Let it all pass -
          The clouds' massed ranges, sun-rent at evening, 
          The rain's impetuous impacts, the trees 
          Leaning and withstanding - let it all pass.

          Hold fast to none of it -
          Children, woman, the laughter, the ordinary 
          Eating and drinking, the labour, the wonder,
          The sleeping side by side - hold fast to none of it.

          See it spire away -
          Blooming and flowing through the hands like time, 
          Vivid and painful, peaceful, unexpected, 
          Unasked and undeserved - it spires away. 

          An end to all possessing -
          Owning is snatching at smoke. Yielding 
          Is running before the wind, full-sailed,
          The wake white and leaving no stain 
          This is to be, and an end of possessing.

                                   Barry Palmer (1934 - 1998)